“The power of food is more than the meal itself, it’s the story behind it, when you get to know the story,you get to know the person behind it” – Meghan Markle

The #sussexsquad is a worldwide community who believes in the values of togetherness, friendship and fun.

This space stems from this movement as a ripple effect of its power.

This is the story of this space: a collection of small personal actions that like a wave tide brought you here with us.

Join us in this adventure! It’s simple… just share your favourite recipes with us!

DON’T WORRY : if you think your recipe is not fancy enough, please share it anyway.

Your everyday boring meal for someone who lives on the other side of the planet is super fancy and maybe she would like to try it! If your recipe is similar to someone else’s,don’t worry!

Every little variation tells a story, share yours!

Share the story behind your recipe, as Meghan said, in this way we can connect and know each other on a deepest level.

Think of this place as a global repository of our joyful moments in life by way of food.

Share your food, share your story, share the joy