Easy Egg and Avocado Breakfast

Author: Artisan Pastry Serves: 2 Time: 15 prep+15′

Difficulty: beginners


  • EVOO *2 tbsp (one for veg. One for eggs unless poaching eggs)
  • Shallot * 1
  • Mushroom * 1 King oyster 
  • Zucchini * 1/2
  • Asparagus * 5 
  • Eggs * 2 or 3
  • Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper

Small chop all ingredients except asparagus

Heat pan with oil. Saute and season chopped veg, followed by asparagus. Set aside.
Add oil again for eggs. Cook to preference.
Avocado: it can remain in the skin or scooped out as a whole half. Season.

Add 1 tbsp of mix in the pit well. Place egg on top of that. Add more saute veg on top of egg.

Plate with asparagus on the side.

One way to begin healing is to eat as well as you can. It’s a love language.❤

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