Strawberry grapes pudding

Author: @guendolyn79 Time: 10 + 1h rest

Difficulty: easy



  • every 100 gr of strawberry grapes add
  • 12gr brown sugar
  • 7 gr flour


Wash the grapes and put in a pot.

After few minutes, pass it on the vegetable mill.

Add the sugar and the flour.

Stir until it become thick.

Transfer in a muffin mold, cover with cling film adn put it in the frigde for 1 h.


Story of the recipe

I consider myself really lucky because in my childhood I had the possibility to witness how work in the orchyard was done with ancient methods and rituals.

I can still remember the heavenly feeling when my parents were harvesting the grapes and I was behind a row of vineyard, picking some fruits, enjoying the sunset that filtered among the leaves…. It was magic!

And after the harvest, my mum used to prepare for us this pudding every year with the fresh must.

For me it tastes like an other world, it brings lots of meanings, fragances and fond memories…

This year, thanks to Sussex Squad Cooking Club I took the chance and I prepared this pudding for my daughter… maybe she won’t share my memories, but through the taste she can feel what were like those moments in a past she will sadly never experience.

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