#Sussexsquad Fact Check MENU

We ask @S_Fact_Check to take a look in our vault and compose a MENU for us!

But before… let’s learn a little bit more about the fantastic team behind this #sussexsquad group!

We interviewed who works to collect all uk media articles so we don’t have to click on it!

  • Present a little yourself and your group

This account is a secondary account to @SussexHenryVIII, I created it because I was tired of getting snippets on Twitter of UK media but not wanting to click on it and give them the revanue.

I knew a lot of people felt the same so I created a blog like website where you can get the gist of a nasty article through screenshots without having to give UK media any ad revanue. Basically we get the info with giving them only one click.

I also wanted a space where I could give my opinion freely without Twitter’s character limit and explore some bigger themes.

  • Which are your Harry and Meghan’s favourite boss moves?

My favorite “boss move” from Harry and Meghan was their leaving the BRF.

It was something the media and the firm did not see coming. Especially with Harry, I would imagine there was a significant emotional toll. I am proud of them for walking away from the cycle of tabloid abuse and the heir vs. spare narrarative.

  • How is your relationship with food? Sweet or salty? What are your favourite dishes?

I think you can tell with my choices, I love carbs.

If you told me I could never have dessert again, I could deal. Tell me I could never have mac & cheese? There is going to be a fight.

I have admired Meghan’s foodie past and her willingess to highlight “normal” foods. I also adored the fact that she showed her post-partum body off.

  • How you hope this project can develop?

I hope that Sussex Fact Check is a place where people can share their opinions, and can stand as an opposite perspective from the UK media

Let’s dig in the menu now!!!

  1. Let’s start with a wonderful appetizer: Oyster Sandwiches! Here you’ll find the recipe from HiveSussex  !
  2. Then we run into the main dish: Baked Mac and Cheese from @Moku_O_Keawe
  3. For desset what better than a fresh gelato? Look at this Blackberry one! Here the recipe from @UdnSpeak4Me

Bon Appetit

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