#Sussexsquad fancam MENU

We ask @sussexfancam to take a look in our vault and compose a MENU for us!

But before… let’s learn a little bit more about the fantastic team behind this #sussexsquad group!

We interviewed the amazing lady that works to collect all #sussexsquad fancams.

  • Present a little yourself and your group

“I am a sussex squad member for about 1 year & a half now but a big supporter of Meghan since her days in Suits. I am a wife, a mother and a doctor.

I recently learned how to edit videos & was also impressed with the artistic abilities of other squad members so i decided to open an account to collect all the work to make it easier to find.

What i like about it is a video edit can sometimes convey the message better than written words.

Media is a big part of my & my familys life. My husband works in the media and i need it to for my work. As a mother of teenegers & young kids i also had to deal with all the problems & negativity that comes from the media.

  • How you hope this project can develop?

I hope for my next step to be able to develop a library to archive & document all the artistic work of the squad & my be one day with help of other members maybe develop a film to tell our story

  • How is your relationship with food? Sweet or salty? What are your favourite dishes?

I love to bake. When i was a medical student & things got tough i always reassured my self that if i couldn’t make it as a doctor i would open a bakery. I even worked as a part time baker in college. So yes i like rather sweet than salty

Mediterranean style dishes are my favorite as I have been born & raised in a Mediterranean country.

  • One last funny question, which are your Harry and Meghan’s favourite boss moves?

Of course my favorite boss move of the Sussexs is when they stepped down from their roles to distance themselves from the negativity and take control of their destiny

Let’s dive in the menu now!!!

First choise: @guendolyn79’s Greek Salad, you can find the recipe HERE

Then the super tasty chicken parm cassarole from Duchess @BBG1573, recipe HERE

Let’s accompany that with a super healthy tomato soup, HERE’S Christine’s recipe

And at the end, look at that!!!

The famous Almond Pear Cake that Sonia Garcia baked for her wedding anniversary! You can find it HERE

Bon appetit

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