Raw ham and melon

Author: @guendolyn79 Serves: 4 Time: 2′

Difficulty: easy



  • raw ham -> Sweet Prosciutto di Montagnana 18 month of aging
  • melon -> organic melon


Clean the melon and eat it with the ham

Story of this recipe

I know this sound like a stupid recipe, but I can guarantee that if you come in Italy in Summer you’ll find entire festivals dedicated to this dish.

What makes this dish a masterpiece is the quality of the ingredients.

It’s a false poor dish, because if you choose carefully the ingredients it becomes a really fancy one.

I suggested this specific type of raw ham because, in my opionion, among all d.o.p. (protected origin) italian hams, Montagnana is the sweetest and its taste perfectly blends with the fruit.

But you can try a Parma d.o.p. or a San Daniele d.o.p. All marvellous options.

Same for the melon: this one was grown by my parents without any chemical treatment, so it’s taste is unmatched.

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