Poulet DG

Author: @karylekei Serves: 5 Time: 1 h

Difficulty: moderate


  • 10 banana plantain (5 green and 5 yellow) 
  • 1 and a half chicken 
  • 8 carrots 
  • 1/5 kg green beans 


  • Leek
  • 3 bell peper(yellow, red and green) 
  • 2 green oinions 
  • 5 big tomatoes 
  • 1oinion
  • Ginger
  • 10 cloves of garlic
  •  3hot pepper 
  • spices
  • Celeri
  • Salt and aroma 

Cut the chicken into pieces, washed it with lime and rinse it many times. 
Take the bell peper, onion, garlic, ginger celeri hot pepper green onions,Leek and spices crushed it.  
Put the chicken in the pot and add the crushed seasonings and spices to it.

Mixed the them and put it on the fire. Because I choose the soft chicken, I don’t  add water on it. 

Put it on the fire for 20 minutes
Take the banana plantain peel them of  and slice them in any shape you wish. 

Put the pot on the fire and fried the Banana plantain that you have slice. When the plantain is done remove one by one the chicken you’ve prepared and fried it.  But don’t throw the juice  of the boiling chicken. 
Then cut the carrots in cubes and the green beans. 
Crushed the tomatoes.

Remove the water from the chicken and keep it beside. 
Take the same pot you prepare chicken inside and put it on fire. 
Put oil in the pot and tomatoes and leave it for 10 minutes. 
Later add the carrots and the green beans in and leave it for 10 minutes to leave the carrots done. 

Add the chicken in to it mixed it and then add the plantain and the chicken
Little by little add the water from the chicken to it 
Add the aroma and salt to it to give it taste. 

Story of the recipe

This is a cameroonian meal

  1. This looks yummy! I will try this.
    Question, though:
    – what texture do you crush the spices? Puree or chunky?

    -why rinse the lime off the chicken? Is it just for cleaning the chicken & not for flavor?

    Liked by 2 people

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