The secret cheesecake

Author: @guendolyn79 Serves: 8 Time: 10′ + 2h rest

Difficulty: easy



For the cake base

  • 250gr butter biscuits (the more buttery the better)
  • 50 gr butter
  • 50 gr honey

For the top

  • 300 gr ricotta cheese
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 300 gr cream ( don’t whip the cream! leave it as it is!)
  • 12 gr gelatine
  • 30 gr milk

+ fruit of your choice!



Put the biscuits, butter and honey on a mixer and mix them really well. Put in a cake stamp and flatten. Put in the fridge for half an hour. Then add the fruit of your choice.

Mix in a bowl ricotta cheese with sugar (if you want you can use a whisk). Then add the cream witha spoon (don’t whip the cream!) and stir.

Put the gelatine in cold water and leave it soften

Put the milk on a little pot and warm it. Put the gelatine in the warm milk and make it melt.

Add the milk-gelatine mix to the bowl and stir very carefully.

Pour the mix in the cake stamp, over the fruit.

Put all in the fridge for 2 hours

Decorate with fruit on the top and serve!

Bon Appetit

Story of the recipe

This cake is perfect to be done with children, there is no baking involved!

In my little hometown (1023 inhabitants), when I was young there was a tough competition during Easter time: the cake contest! Basically every person able to cook tried to win and every person able to eat joined the final free buffet… You have no idea of the chaos!

I was too young to take part, but my sister participated and won many many times, even my brother did! Figure! An electronic engineer, who had never touched a cooker, cooking one of the most complex cake, the “tronchetto di Natale”! …..And he won the contest!

One year this cake from Fabiola won. It was so good my sister begged her for the recipe. But at one condition: the recipe should have stayed secret.

Growing up and eating here and there this cake, I asked my sister for the recipe…. a big NO! Not kidding it took me YEARS OF BEGGING and many attempts to steal it from her locked drawer before I could have this. My sister was really mad at me… and every time she reminds me that this cake is a secret, you shouldn’t give anyone, I promised... blah blah blah… really annoying...

So I decided to share only with the #sussexsquad… I’m sure the squad will keep the secret globally!!!!

  1. @guendolyn79 I @Bkmalegamwala solemnly swear that the secret recipe of the “The secret cheesecake” will be kept secret by me.🤞😉

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